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  • Once the patient finish his treatment, the HCV viral load should be repeated after 12 weeks from the end of treatment. The aim for this will be to check for the sustained virological response at 12 weeks ( SVR-12). SVR-12 is achieved if the virus is not detected at this point.

  • SVR-12 is equal to cure from HCV. However, a repeat viral load in 24 -48 weeks should be done to confirm cure and to discharge the patient from the program.

  • Patients with advanced Fibrosis or cirrhosis require special care, as the risk of complications from their advanced liver disease will remain despite curing the virus.

    • This is particularly true for the risk of liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma).

    • We recommend the initiation of a national screening program for hepatocellular carcinoma. Such program when implemented elsewhere results in earlier diagnosis, cost saving and better outcomes overall.

  • The patients who are cured form Hepatitis C will receive a “document” disclosing that they have been cured. This might play an important role for the patient from a social perspective ( marriage and/or employment).

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