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  • Two level of care will be implemented in the HCV elimination program, the expert and the non-expert

    • An expert is physician who has the Saudi Commission For Health Care Specialties SCFHS registration as Consultant Gastroenterologist and/or Hepatologist, who has the interest to manage complex cases for Hepatitis C

    • Non Experts are all other physicians who are licenced by the SCFHS to practice in the kingdom

  • Treatment in the HCV elimination program should be based on the non-expert, this will ensure easy link to care and shorten the evaluation treatment cycle.

  • All patients can be treated by non-experts except those mentioned in the table 5

  • Full history and physical examination is always indicated. Focusing on the risk factors for HCV transmission, the possible physical signs of active HCV infection and the presence of any signs of chronic liver disease

  • The basic evaluation steps for patients with established HCV that are prerequisite before treatment and the recommended labs that are preferably available are listed in Table 6

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