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  • The national HCV elimination plan should include all the stakeholders who provide healthcare in the kingdom and not limited to the ministry of health. These are included in the tables 1 and 2.

  • Expand the participants in the HCV Elimination program to include non-medical governmental institutions and bodies. with the active participation of the civil societies.

  • Implementation and monitoring of this plan need to be undertaken to ensure the adherence to the plan and to make the necessary changes when the need for them arise.

    • Specific targets for SVR (90%)

    • Number of treated patients annually for the first three years should either be (whichever is more)

      • 4000-6000 patients per year

      • 80% of the newly diagnosed


  • All patients diagnosed with Hepatitis C must be treated both citizens and expats to the kingdom.

  • The recommendations in this document must undergo regular updates at least every year.

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